Tonight’s Cocktails, 28th February

It’s Saturday night, so I went to town and made five new drinks:

Aqua Sake
Kinn Edwards (Aqua, Corvallis)

[The hibiscus-infused vodka made for this drink lent it the most amazing, practically fluorescent pink tint. The junmai ginjo grade sake from which it takes its name adds a subtle dry finish.]

The Bitter End
Yanni Kehagiaras (Nopa, San Francisco)

[Uses the Flor de Cana Aged White rum, grapefruit juice and falernum, but it’s the float of Angostura bitters on top that really made it sing.]

El Globo Rojo
Jim Romdall (Vessel, Seattle)

[Based on an incredibly thick and rich home made strawberry-infused reposado tequila. Like drinking desert. The recipe makes a small drink and I am wondering if it should be stirred longer to get some more serious dilution.]

Easy Like Sunday Morning…
Christine D’Abrosca (Malo, Los Angeles)

[A tall tequila drink made with the newly released Gran Centenario Roseangel. Aperol and a splash of Jarritos Jamaica (hibiscus) soda from Mexico provide great flavor counterpoint and color. Doesn’t hurt this is also an egg white drink with a lovely frothy head either. I have to say I might be tempted to try this with a mezcal to see what a touch of smokiness does to it.]

The General Lee
Matty Eggleston (The Hungry Cat, Los Angeles)

[A fantastic rye cocktail incorporating a home made kumquat marmalade. So good, in fact, I had to make two.]


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