Tonight’s Cocktails, 27th February

OK, I’m deep into proofing now. I thought I’d start making briefer posts, simply listing what I’m drinking each night with some brief notes (in brackets).

David Wolowidnyk (West, Vancouver)

[Yummy aged rum, orange, coffee bean goodness on the rocks. I’m inquiring about whether the blood orange quarters used during muddling need to be peeled or not.]

Montresor and Fortunato
Damian Windsor (Gordon Ramsay at the London, Los Angeles)

[Amontillado sherry with carpano and grand marnier complemented by the salty counterpoint of an olive garnish. Damian says to use “Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge.” How many people know about the Cordon Jaune?]

And because I also wanted to “test drive” the gomme syrup I made the other day (for one of Erik Adkins cocktails), I ended tonight’s cocktail session with an Old Fashioned using Fee’s Whiskey Barrel Aged bitters and a home-made ice block. Ice blocks are pretty simple to make at home, BTW, and are perfect for drinks like an Old Fashioned. I plan on including the steps for making ’em in the book.


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