Signs you may be turning pro…

Does your dishwasher look like this in the morning?


5 Responses to “Signs you may be turning pro…”

  1. Inherited a home bartending set and was trying to measure out some rye whiskey for a Sazeric over the weekend and realized…I don’t know what my jigger pours out. 1.5 oz? 2 oz? Any tips on how to figure it out?

  2. Hello, Dai…

    Hourglass jiggers have markings at the top of each end, usually stamped, sometimes etched. The lettering can be faint and/or small. Shot-glass style jiggers (w/ or w/ out a line and no other markings) are usually an ounce to an ounce and a half. You can use measuring spoons to figure out the volume. There are two tablespoons (30 ml) in a ounce.


  3. You shouldn’t wash your shaking glasses in dishwasher. They loose their coating and will break easier while shaking. It’s better to wash them by hand :)

    Jesse from Finland

  4. If those are Korikos (I couldn’t tell from the picture) the heat/pressure from the dishwasher will pop the seals of the weighted ends.

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