Oh, That Cocktail Book!

Yes, I’ve been a busy boy for the past few months, making ice blocks, brewing shrubs, drinking peach whiskey, tasting bitter tinctures and visiting a lot of local bars. But, wait, you say! Didn’t you start this blog to write about the making of a new cocktail book? Whatever happened to that project? Well, I am glad to say, I’ve never stopped working on it! The three of us on Team Left Coast (Ted Munat, Scott Bodarky and myself) have been operating in stealth mode for the past few months while we continued to work on the book, hammer out business details and setup more infrastructure. With Tales of the Cocktail just a little over a week away, we are now ready to move full speed ahead. Meantime a few mesmerizing details:

Our Spiffy New Logo!

Left Coast Libations Logo

It was a long hard road but we finally managed (with the help of our trusty graphic designer Pilar Erika Johnson) to get this baby finished. And just in time too, as we make a mad dash to the printers to get business cards and other collateral printed up to hand out in New Orleans.

Our Website

We are live. We are building a mailing list. We are even taking pre-orders for the book. Check it out at www.leftcoaslibations.com

The Secret LCL Cocktail Schmooze

Team Left Coast will be hosting a cocktail party sometime during our week in New Orleans. We’ll be offering three four select drinks from the LCL100 plus visits from the bartenders who made ’em. “How do I get to attend this event?” you ask. Well, first you need to get your ass to the conference and then you need to find one of the three of us. Tell us how excited you are about the book and how you plan on buying a copy for everyone in your family this Christmas. Fill our heads with flattering fluff and nonsense. Then, when you think you have us buttered up enough, ask for details on the cocktail party. Hopefully, we’ll remember them too.

See you at The Monteleone next week!


2 Responses to “Oh, That Cocktail Book!”

  1. Three Eyed Toad Says:

    What’s up with all those julep recipes as the “official” cocktails of TotC?

  2. Mr. Toad ~

    As I understand it, they like their cocktails sweet in the Big Easy.


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