Keeping pace with the wind…

The last five days has been crazy. (Has it only been five days since I last posted?) Our fledgling company made an epic spirits purchase at Ledger’s Liquors in Berkeley, CA. (Stop in, tell Ed I sent you.) In fact, when I look around the house, I almost feel like I’m living in bar! This “unlocked” pretty much every cocktail recipe in the book for testing – though I am still in search of one or two items that are proving very hard to find. And of course, the “day job” suddenly got very busy, taking time away from more important pursuits of the cocktail testing sort. At any rate, here’s a list of the 20 cocktails that got made, sipped and appraised since the last time I wrote. Some are pretty freakin’ amazing, though I’m abandoning including excerpts from my tasting notes for the time being.

I am also glad to report my mixing and garnishing skills are getting a work out. Good thing too, with less than two weeks before the big photo shoot @ Flora.

Anu Apte (Vessel/Rob Roy, Seattle)

Saffron Sandalwood Sour
Anu Apte (Vessel/Rob Roy, Seattle)

Poppies in October
Brooke Arthur (Range, SF)

Spice Trade
Erik Carlson (Moshi Moshi, Seattle)

Rocky Mountain Monkberry
Ryan Fitzgerald (Beretta, SF)

Il Terzo
Ryan Fitzgerald (Beretta, SF)

Arrak Sour
Lane Ford (Heaven’s Dog/Flora, SF/Oakland)

Clear Note
Erik Haakinen (Zig Zag Cafe, Seattle)

The Sycophant
Zane Harris (Vessel/Spur, Seattle)

Burn’s Night Cap
Yanni Kehagiaras (Nopa, SF)

Laughing Buddha
Duggan McDonnell (Cantina, SF)

Gin Anthem
Tara McLaughlin (Rob Roy, Seattle)

Richmond Gimlet
Jeffrey Morgenthaler (Clyde Common, Portland)

Autumn Leaves
Jeffrey Morgenthaler (Clyde Common, Portland)

Kentucky Tuxedo
David Nelson (Spur, Seattle)

Fior di Sicily
Chris Ojeda (Edison, LA)

William Orange
Jimmy Patrick (The Lion and Compass, Sunnyvale)

Jackie Patterson (Heaven’s Dog, SF)

1st and Final
James Pierce (Andina, Portland)

Adios Mi Vida
Casey Robison (Barrio, LA)

Apricot Cardamom Flip
Jim Romdall (Vessel, Seattle)

Bobby Roux
Robert Rowland (Oliver’s Twist, Seattle)

The Revolver
Jon Santer (Heaven’s Dog, SF)

Kelley Swenson (ten01, Portland)


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