Worm salt and fried grasshoppers

Ted just sent me the recipes for 14 new cocktails from seven bartenders, which brings the total number of logged drinks to 62 (including a few carry overs from the last book). Only 34 more recipes to go, 17 more bartenders to answer the call.

Once the drinks are logged and all the ingredients recorded, I usually have a few questions which I send off to Ted. He then spends hours, days, weeks, tracking down the “responsible” bartenders, trying to get answers for me. I’ve learned to be patient. I’ve also learned to be persistent.

I thought it might be interesting to share the current list of inquiries, to give an idea of the sorts of things which have to be resolved to ensure every drink in this book can be made. And I ain’t saying it will be easy, just that it can be done.

Here we go:

Does anything else get added to the lime-thai chili tincture before using it? (Ted thinks there might.)

Can you provide the promised details on the thai jasmine syrup you specified for your drink? (My research indicates this may be a commercial artificially flavored product, probably Hale’s Blue Boy.)

Can anything be used as a substitute for the impossible to get Repeal Day Bitters from The Bitter Truth which you specified? (I’ve now tried these myself and I don’t have a clue what I’d use instead.)

Can you recommend a brand or style of gin/rye/rum for your cocktail? (More of these than you might imagine.)

Can the celery juice for your cocktail be obtained by muddling some celery and then straining or must we use an extraction juicer?

Can we get more details on dried apricot pisco? (I see some very scant evidence on the web that this is a commercial product but no mention of a brand. Or perhaps this is something the bartender in question made – for which we now need the recipe.)

And finally, my favorite:

Can you tell us if there’s really a source for the sal de gusano and chapulines you specified as optional ingredients for your cocktail? (That’s worm salt and fried grasshoppers with chili and lime for those of you not already in the know. These come from Oaxaca and I’ve searched high and low for a source in the U.S. or even outside of the U.S. that will send ’em to me. Nada.)


2 Responses to “Worm salt and fried grasshoppers”

  1. Let me see what I can do. Send me your address and I’ll mail you some sal de gusano and chapulines to recreate the drink. But I’ll start looking for a US source as well. If not, I’ll ask Ron Cooper to send me some fro mOaxaca on hi next trip. Can’t wait to see what you think.

  2. mrmanhattan Says:

    Mr. Ehrmann

    Getting to try Celery Cup #1 with the proper ingredients would be fantastic. I have searched high and low for these two particular ingredients without luck. Even a visit to La Oaxaquena in The Mission (reported to have the Sal de Gusano on occasion) failed. Anything you might do to help me out would be most appreciated.

    I’ll send you my address separately. Thanks again.


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