“Forth on the godly sea…”

I’ve just spent the last 20 or so minutes surfing the cocktail blog-o-sphere or rather, my little self-selected fraction of it, a collection of about 20 sites which I like to check at least once a day for updates. All the time I am doing this I am hopelessly aware that these sites represent only a very small fraction, at best, of the totality of cocktail-related blogs and websites. There is an almost endless number of places in which to peek and poke and learn something new, every single day. And, as usual, I find myself asking: “What possible value could I add to what’s already there, to what keeps pouring in daily from around the world?” I think in some ways I only started this blog to find out the answer to that question.

“And then went down to the ship,
set keel to breakers, forth on the godly sea…”

That’s a quote from “The Illiad” by Homer, by way of “The Cantos” of Ezra Pound. (Yes, in another life I studied both these works.) I quote it here as a way to help locate myself. My “godly sea” is one made up of fine blogs, magazine articles, reviews, books, lectures, contests and conferences. My ship is this blog. And I am just past the breakers now, facing at last the limitless horizon of a wine dark sea. Bon Voyage.


2 Responses to ““Forth on the godly sea…””

  1. Welcome, Mr. Manhattan, and fare thee well!

  2. Mr. Manhattan Says:

    Thanks, mucho. And thanks for your inspiring blog. – Michael

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