It’s full of stars…

I should explain first that by nature and background (umteenmillion years in the software biz) I am something of a compulsive organizer – especially when it comes to complex tasks AKA workflows. This is I suppose one reason why I’ve found myself working on this book.

At any rate, one of my favorite tools for organizing things is the Excel spreadsheet, one of Microsoft’s gifts to the world (and yes I know they didn’t invent the damn thing but they sure as hell did a good job bringing it to the masses). For example, for the original version of LCL I decided it would be “fun” to catalog every ingredient called for by every recipe in the book, categorize (and sub-categorize) each one and then be able to perform various kinds of sorts. So I know now that of the 67 original LCL cocktails, 21 are based on Gin, each of the 10 rum cocktails specify a unique brand, 10 drinks call for St. Germain Elderflower liqueur and 24 require lemon juice. (FYI, there is exactly one vodka cocktail in the book). Ultra-geeky shit, I know. And I’m doing this again for the new version of the book as well. (As of this post I’ve got 48 drinks logged which in turn call for 174 mostly unique ingredients.)

Which brings us to the past weekends exercise. I decided to make a new spreadsheet listing all the contributors, their location on the left coast, current bar affiliation, whether they own the bar and whether they have a blog or other personal kind of website. What I discovered along the way, not surprising to everyone I suppose, is that this book is going to be full of stars. I knew some of the names on the list Ted gave me but, I mean, this book is simply packed with ’em. Here’s the working line up (and a prize to anyone who emails me and tells me how they’ve been sorted into this list, cause they are):

Kinn Edwards
Chris Churilla
Jeffrey Morgenthaler
Joseph Brooke
Damian Windsor
Matty Eggleston
Christine D’Abrosca
John Coltharp
Marcos Tello
Chris Ojeda
Eric Alperin
James Pierce
Lance Mayhew
Daniel Shoemaker
Evan Zimmerman
Kelley Swenson
Casey Robison
Andrew Bohrer
Andrew Friedman
Robert Rowland
David Nelson
Tara McLaughlin
Jamie Boudreau
Keith Waldbauer
Anu Apte
Jim Romdall
Zane Harris
Jay Kuehner
Erik Hakkinen
Murray Stenson
Dan Hyatt
Jon Santer
Ryan Fitzgerald
Joel Baker
Kevin Diedrich
Yanni Kehagiaras
Duggan McDonnell
H Joseph Ermann
Erik Adkins
Lane Ford
Jennifer Colliau
Dominic Venegas
Neyah White
Brooke Arthur
Marco Dionysos
Jackie Patterson
Jimmy Patrick
Josh Pape
David Wolowidnyk

Breathtaking, no? All I can say is that:

1- I am incredibly honored to find myself contributing to this project (amateur mixologist that I am).

2- This book should be the next “must have” item for everyone on the cocktail scene.

3- Those of you on this list who haven’t yet given Ted your recipes, get on it and don’t miss this boat.


2 Responses to “It’s full of stars…”

  1. The list is organized alphabetically by city, starting with Corvallis.

    What, you didn’t think anyone would get that?

    Nice to have you on the project. Hell, it’s nice to BE on the project!

  2. Mr. Manhattan Says:

    I figured it wasn’t something just *anybody* would be able to figure out. Congratulations! ;->

    I’ve got the cinnamon tincture ready for Autumn Leaves – looking forward to trying it out.

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